Friday, March 18, 2011

Vikings for Basic Impetus

Drum roll please....

Here are the first two units of my Viking army for Basic Impetus. Why the drum roll? Well, these are also the first 28mm figures I've completed. I feel obscurely guilty about neglecting my little 1/72 friends, but I'll get back to them soon.

Figures are from Wargames Factory. This is also the first time I've used the tufts on the bases, and I like the effect.

Figures are block painted, then have Army Painter strong shade applied by brush before being finished off with some highlighting. I want to work on the highlighting - not happy with it yet. I keep trying to drybrush on lighter shades, but the figures I see that look the best seem to add much bolder lines or blocks of colour.

Shields are all handpainted, with designs from various sources but particularly inspired by Neldoreth's Hour of Wolves and Shattered Shields site He is a truly brilliant painter. The banner is a paper one from Gripping Beast.

One of the things I like about Impetus is the larger base size, so I have tried to make use of it here with a little vignette featuring an overzealous Saxon about to meet his maker.

Thanks for looking!

Saturday, March 5, 2011

IV/35 Mongol Conquest DBA Army

Just for the sake of completeness, here is the Mongol army I painted a few years ago as part of a set with the Nevsky Russians and Teutonics. The armies are so different, but were historical opponents, so they make for an interesting campaign.

Figures are from Italeri and Zvezda. Haven't Zvezda come a long way since they produced these lumpen little men!

It has otherwise been an unproductive hobby week at Dux Homunculorum Towers, with mountains of marking, reports and the Duchess organising an uncharacteristically busy social schedule. However, the Vikings are progressing, and I received a box of Gripping Beast Saxon Thegns. Very, very nice.

Thank you to everyone who visits this humble blog. I'm chuffed to see that my followers have now hit 50! Your interest and feedback adds a lot to my enjoyment of this great hobby.