Thursday, October 6, 2016

Character Figures and Settlers for the FIW

Conquest Miniatures put out a nice little blister of the main characters from the Last of the Mohicans, also released by Warlord Games. I had fun painting these up as characters to join in my Sharp Practice games.

The figures are a bit variable in quality. The women aren't very good in my opinion, suggesting the sculptor should get out more. Uncas and Chingachgook are fine, but Hawkeye and Magua are just lovely.

Magua is also available in a more warlike pose in a separate blister.

Magua notices a grey hair in the mirror...

Also from Conquest, here's a bunch of armed colonists. I really need to build a couple of farm houses for them...


  1. Youève done a grand job on these figs, especially the first. The leaf litter on the flocking is very realistic - nothing says an eastern North American forest like leaves on the ground. Lovely work. Some of the Pulp Figures Flint and Feather figures would work with your Indians, even if they are pre-gunpowder.


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