Tuesday, October 4, 2016

4-Ground's Blockhouse for the French & Indian Wars

This is a nice piece of kit.

We are very taken here at Homunculorum Towers with playing the FIW with Sharp Practice 2, and that means terrain. Most of all trees, although we will also need a few log cabins. And to defend all those trees, what better than a lovely blockhouse from 4-Ground?

This was a great model to put together, with stacks of detail like opening doors and detachable (and loseable as it turns out) locking bars for the doors. The simple planky appearance of the real thing lends itself well to drybrushing, so I tarted up the model with fifty shades of grey and a bit of brown, textured the base and behold.

Those gunports were crying out for some firepower, so I picked up a blister pack from Crusader's pirates range from the friendly elves at War and Peace Games. They are intended to represent a French naval gun crew, but clearly military discipline is a bit lax in this bit of the wilderness.

The blockhouse gets a couple of enthusiastic thumbs up from me, and would be great to chuck on your table for AWI and FIW games.


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