Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Project Kursk Part 18: Soviet SUs

I do wish Plastic Soldier Company would get on with making some plastic SU-76s, 122s and 152s, but in the meantime, I've added to my Soviet forces with some metal kits.

Here we have a SU-122 and a brace of SU-76s from Skytrex, which I sourced from Mick's Metal Models, the Australian distributor. They aren't cheap, but are very nice models, that I spruced up with some stowage items, also from Skytrex. And thank God - they have heft!!

For the sake of comparison I also bought a SU-76 from QRF. The photos aren't great, but here are the Skytrex and QRF models side by side.

As you can see, there are some pretty profound differences between the two. The QRF model is noticeably inferior in detail, and the proportions of various parts such as the mantlet, hull sides etc don't look right when compared with photos.The QRF model also has a rear door on the crew compartment. I have some vague memory that this might have been a feature on post-war SU-76s as used in Korea. Can anyone confirm? All in all, I think I'll stick with the Skytrex models.


  1. Not sure about the door but I agree with you about QRF. They have a great line of minis that no one else has but they don't really match up with others nor do they seem as good in quality tom me. But for somethings, they are the only game in town.

  2. The models look great. Strange about the QRF being so different. Probably better not to use it if you've already started with the others.

  3. Nice work and stick with Skytrex if you can, QRF are real hit and miss with quality.

  4. I quite agree with the SU-76 comments, although the QRF model is dimensionally more accurate than you might think ( http://notquitemechanised.wordpress.com/2011/09/15/su-76-scale-discussion-suka/ ). With a bit of stowage or foliage, it is recognisably a 'Suka' to my eyes

    Axis History Forum Identifies it as a "SU-76M type 2 (model 1945) according to A. Chubachin" with a picture of one captured in Korea. ( http://forum.axishistory.com/viewtopic.php?f=79&t=162301 )

    Why the 2nd commonest Soviet AFV after the T-34 has not been made as a plastic kit in 15mm is a source of some frustration to me.

    Kind regards, Chris.

    1. Thanks Chris. Couldn't agree more aboutthe need for some nice plastic Suka's. I just wrote to Will Townsend at PSC to beg for some. Maybe we need to start a 'Build the Bitch' petition?

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  6. I like you vehicles. But what are you going to do with this QRF SU? Put it in lead pile? I mean it still nice model.

  7. I imagine when you paint the QRF su76 up like the others with a little bit of stowage it will be hard to notice the difference on the games table. Even so if you give it to the lads they'll think your a champ so win win either way.
    Nice work Alan and glad to see you back, hope the man hole allows for a lot more productivity hobby wise. Mine ended up as a defacto office and thus share Biology papers, Chemistry marking and 15mm minis side by side. hmmm.

  8. Where are you Alan, your thoughts are being missed.

    regards Chris


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