Saturday, November 21, 2009

II/33 Polybian Roman DBA Army

Today for your delectation I offer a Polybian Roman army for DBA that I finished earlier this year. All the figures are from Zvezda. Here is the army arrayed:

The army is made up of a 3Cv General's element:

Another 3Cv element. I'm pretty proud of the shield with the horse on it. But here's a thing - horses' eyes. Being an urban person I rarely see horses, and I've been merrily painting them with white irises like human eyes. But now I think that is probably wrong, and the whole eye should be a dark browny black. Has anyone got an opinion on this?

Here is the core of the Polybian army - 6 elements of 4 Bd (blades). I love the detail of these Zvezda figures, but these Hastati/Principes figures aren't very realistic. Far too many have full muscled cuirasses. I've given them a quite uniform appearance as these are troops from late in the 2nd Punic War, when equipment was being increasingly supplied by the state.

The DBA army list calls for 2 elements of 4Sp (Spears), representing the Triarii of the Republican Roman legion. I painted 4 elements because I liked the figures so much.

And finally, 2 elements of Velites (2Ps in DBA terms).

I look forward to painting a Carthaginian army at some stage. And a later Macedonian army... so many armies, so little time.



  1. those are superb ! absolutely wonderful. i imagine you like that guy from the movie Ronin.

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  2. Nicely done. Good color schemes and a nice touch with the shield work. You asked about horses eyes. The only time they would be mostly white is if they are scred or startled. The best way to paint them is to paint the eyes white. Let the white dry. Then fill the eye socket mostly with a brown or gray black leaving just the smallest amount of white the back corner of the eye. A good way to go about this to get the precise look of a standard horse is to go on-line and look at generic horse pictures.
    Congrats again on a nice job.
    A/K/A The Celtic Curmudgeon


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