Monday, August 1, 2011

More Normans

Things have been busy at Homunculorum Towers, but I have been chipping away at my 28mm Norman army for Basic Impetus. Here are a few pics of the latest batch of knights from Conquest Games.

This is Svein, having a bad day. Not only did he leave his helmet at home, but he wasted so much time looking for it that the other Vikings went off without him. Here he is trying to find their shieldwall in a bit of a rush.


  1. Lovely banner and shield designs.

    Svein's a bit of a duffer! He won't be doing that again in a hurry (or anything else for that matter). "I've got a splitting headache", will be his final words, I'm thinking!

  2. Indeed he is looking 'a little run-down' :-)

    Wonderful figs mate- love the shields in particular. Just done some Saxon cavalry myself, and now thinking of getting a small Norman force together including some crossbowmen

  3. Lovely work...the shields are something else!!! I like the addition of a footsoldier running away and about to be cut down!!

  4. Some lovely looking shield designs. Great work

  5. Poor old Sven! Great looking figures, those shields are particularly impressive.


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