Saturday, March 30, 2013

More Pagan Rus and 6mm WIP

I've finished the next 10 figures for my new SAGA warband - the Pagan Rus, a great new faction that were announced earlier this week and will be released at Salute.

Meanwhile, I've also finished my first 6mm figures for Phil's present. I finished off thee triarii with a coat of my ersatz army painter dip and a spray of matt varnish, and I'm pretty happy with the results.

Hastati next!

Oh, and if you don't already know about this, head on over and visit Ian at The Blog With No Name. He has some fantastic giveaways on at present. Good luck!


  1. Just gorgeous mate - I'm so envious, and happy for you! The new SAGA supp sounds awesome, and that Great Hall terrain is awesome :-)

  2. Great looking Pagan Rus !!!!!

    Snow and Black/Red Shields are a favourite of mine;)

    Best regards Michael

    1. Thanks Michael! I think I nicked the idea off you actually...

  3. Both the Rus and the 6mm stuff look great. I just tried some undiluted brown Citadel Wash and am a little disappointed. Oh well.


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