Monday, May 17, 2010

Renaissance Cavalry

The next stage of my Maximilian Imperial army for DBA-RRR is complete - the cavalry. These figures are a box of Renaissance Knights from Dark Dream Studios. Great figures - some of the horse poses leave a little to be desired, but the riders are beautifully detailed, with very fine detail on their armour. They take some putting together, with separate swords, scabbards, crests etc, but I think the results are worth it.

I just made one small conversion, giving the commander a head from a Landsknecht rather than an enclosed helmet.

It seems that Dark Dream Studio are making a follow up set to their Landsknechts ( , and I for one am a happy man. I just wish they would go the whole hog and bring out Renaissance Swiss, Italians, Spanish, English .... Maybe one day.


  1. Thanks for the spot, I will be on the lookout for some 25mm/28mm Ren Cav later this year :)

  2. They look fantastic - Dark Dream are interesting; I bought their WW1 pilots set for use as Pulp! figures - they are excellent too.

  3. Darn 20mm not 28/25mm

    Still nice figures ;)


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