Saturday, January 15, 2011

Napoleonic Saxons

Here are some more Napoleonics from a couple of years back. First up, the magnificent Zvezda Saxon Cuirassiers.

...and some simple painting conversions of Saxon Infantry from the HaT French light infantry set. This is the 1st Koenig Regiment.

A sharp knife and hot water conversion to make another advancing pose and standard bearer.

A great overview of the army of Saxony in 1810-13 is available here


  1. Bloody hell mate,they are cracking!!!!Top notch paint work on show.

    Cheers Rich.

  2. Looking good! I like the conversions. Where did you get the flag from?

  3. I've seen these on the HaT website before. Now I know the source from whence they came!

    They're some top-notch conversions and the Zvezda cuirassiers are just absolutely perfect. Excellent painting!

  4. Thanks chaps! Maurice - the flag is from Napflags:

  5. Hi,
    Great figures. I was wondering where the photo backdrop originates from? I mean the Saxon Gard du Corps figs. pics. The trees in the background ...

    1. Hi Marcel,
      It's actually a painting my parents in law had on their wall!


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