Thursday, September 22, 2011

Anyone coming to MOAB?

The Dux doesn't get out much, but is planning a ducal visit to MOAB on Saturday 1 October. Anyone else coming? It would be nice to meet some of you in the flesh.

In fact, I have even succumbed to the suggestion of My Lord Hotspur and signed up for the 15mm DBA competition on Saturday! This will be interesting, and no doubt humiliating, having never played DBA in a comp, and not at all for about 5 years. The competition is for matched pairs, so I have dusted off my old 15mm figures I painted for DBM in 1993-4, and recruited a late Roman army and the Ostrogothic army of Radagaesus. I have quite an affection for these old figures, painted back in the days before shading or washes, and before I realised that card bases warp and Essex figures look like gnomes.

I have given them a bit of a once over, splashing about some Devlan mud, improvising some camps and fixing up a few shields and bases here and there.

This is II78a (Late Imperial Roman: West)

And this is II/67a (Early Ostrogothic - army of Radagaesus)

I'm heading down across the Brandywine into the Shire to have a game with Hotspur tonight, so I'm sure he will be gloating on his blog by this time tomorrow.


  1. Still look good though, after all these years. Am considering some late Roman stuff myself-
    best regards- Mike

  2. Ahh, there is a panache about early armies that the later ones can never quite match. I'm sure they'll do you proud.

    But Attitude! You need have confidence in your self. Puts me in mind of a multi-player Romans vs Goths game I helped GM nay years ago. We made the head player on each side give a pre-battle speech to inspire his men with a morale bonus at stake. The Roman began, "Men if we win.." A loud and confused chorus of "If? If? You mean we might not win?" broke out from around the table. Only a hasty promise of a large pay bonus for all prevented a morale penalty. His opponent stood up and said "Boys, hear that, there's gold in the enemy camp, lets go get it!"

    Good luck in the upcoming game and the tournament.

  3. Sorry mate, cant make MOAB this year - hopefully in 2012!

  4. Oi (your Grace)! You may have been subject to multiple humiliations last night -mostly because you favoured the rubbish Roman cause (what have they ever done for us?)- but you'll not find a gloat to be seen at my blog thank you very much.

    Now, be a good lad, kneel down and help me get onto mt horse....


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