Sunday, July 7, 2013

The Return of the Dux

Did you miss me? Or even notice I was gone?

It has been a huge couple of weeks with the Duchess and I moving with our retinue to a new fastness far beyond the Urals. Naturally the main priority once the removalists had gone was to set up the first dedicated hobby space I have had for years, my 'Man Hole' as Fran so elegantly put it.


There are obviously myriad tasks required to bring the new place up to the standards necessary to withstand the zombie apocalypse, like the crappy carpet we ripped up yesterday, but I've started getting back into the swing of painting, with the current project being some SUs and a company of T-34s for Battle Group Kursk.

I've also started exploring my local environment, and wandered into the local Games Workshop emporium to pick up some 'skull' white primer. As usual, I had to buy this off an aggressively friendly young chap who wanted to tell me all about Warhammer Epic because it is apparently 'just like' the 15mm WWII games I told him I enjoyed playing when he asked me what kinds of space pixies I collect. All in all it felt like wandering into a church, just with more tattoos and piercings.

But! In other news!

Yes! the new Uhtred of Bebbanburg story, released in the UK in September. Happy days.


  1. This is far too orderly for working in! I like the fact that the carpet monster has been dealt with as well.

  2. Glad to have you back Dux and that's a nice looking "man hole" :)

    I guess the paperback version will be out next March - can't wait for it :)

  3. Congrats on your new space - and the residence that came with it. I always enjoyed the first few weeks of exploring the locale after moving house - hopefully there are better emporiums than the GW one for you to peruse in the future.

  4. The man hole Looks good.
    I´m quite sure they clone the sales staff at GW..the faces just get altered a bit but the attitude remains the same.

    1. That's because it's rammed into them that they MUST give all customers the hard sell on all their grossly overpriced products...

  5. Own hole space is a must........ er I hope that came out Ok

    Glad your setting in


  6. Very organised, great to have your own space - I especially like that it has natural light through those excellent shuttered windows.

  7. >>pick up some 'skull' white primer.

    At a quick guess given that's a GW product, you'd be a lot better/cheaper buying car primer spray (e.g. Hycote brand).I don't use white myself but I do use black and it's very good quality.

  8. Great man space there mate - looking forward to getting home to reclaim my own from the sacrilegious intrusions and subsequent devastation that has no doubt occurred in my absence!


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