Monday, May 12, 2014

Ram Kangaroos

The latest completed models to emerge from the forges of Isengard are these four Ram Kangaroos for Battle Group Overlord and Fall of the Reich.

The resin and metal kits are from Forged in Battle, with some extra bits and bobs of stowage added.I really like these, although I know some people are put off by the moulded-on bases.

The kangas were sprayed with Plastic Soldier Company British Armour spray, and finished with decals for the 79th Armoured Division from Dom's Decals. Unfortunately I didn't have any of the right bridge markings. At some stage I might add some infantry passengers.


  1. Looks great with the infantry filing past the Ram Kangaroo. Did the Brits use them as well as the Canadians? I prefer the look of them over 1/2 tracks so that would be nice to know.

  2. Hi Chris - yep, Kangas were widely used by the Brits, with units becoming part of the 79th Armoured Div by the end of 1944 (I think) and then 'rented out' to infantry units as required.

  3. Very well done.
    I like the idea of the based infantry column.


  4. Great looking troops, love the march column!


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