Saturday, May 10, 2014

Big Box of Awesome...and Little Men on Horses

This week my much-anticipated Big Box of Awesome arrived from Plastic Soldier Company. This contained the new Battle Group Barbarossa rule book (with an extra copy for Paul to drool over)as well as all the new armour and infantry paint sets from PSC. These are just Vallejo paints in PSC boxes, but with nice little painting guides. PSC ran a tasty pre-order on these, giving a discount as well as throwing in a box of models of your choice and a sprue of relevant infantry for each of the paint sets. Then there were a couple of extra Pz III sprues for pre-ordering Barbarossa, although PSC chucked in a whole box of them as well. Happy Dux.

This week also saw me finish my first batch of 6mm Parliamentarian cavalry, which I'm pretty pleased with, so the army is steadily growing.


  1. Santa arrived early!

    Nicely done 6mm figures, too. I'm going the opposite way: starting on 28mm figures (Shock!)

  2. The cavalry are great but I can't wait to see the PSC stuff up and running. I am enjoying putting some small zvezda kits and the psc pziiis together for a small foray into the early eastern front. have fun Dux

  3. Very nice work on the cavalry Dux. Nice haul of loots from PSC.

  4. Nice PSC haul and the cav looks fantastic

  5. All round awesomeness indeed! Lovely Roundhead nags dear chap, pity my Loyalist Gentlemen will have to make a mess of them!

  6. Nice to get a bonus with your order.


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