Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Project Kursk 29: German Extras

Had an absolutely cracking game of Battle Group Kursk last night, which I'll write up when I have a chance. For the game I painted up a couple of specialist German vehicles. The first is a SdKfz 251/16 flamethrower vehicle, which BGK lists as the platoon commander's vehicle for an armoured pioneer platoon. I'm pretty sure that's not accurate, as I would have thought they were used as specialist support rather than command vehicles, but hey. The kit is a standard PSC Hanomag converted using their very handy special conversion set.

Vehicles like StuGs tend to run out of ammo very rapidly in BGK, which makes it imperative to bring along some logistical support. I generally just use supply trucks, but I have a box of the Minairons 15mm Panzer Is that the good people at War & Peace Games sent me, so I converted one as a armoured Munitionsschlepper.

I just had a few photos to work with, but as I understand it the later Munitionsschlepper I just had a box superstructure on top, off-centred to allow access to the side crew hatches. This was much simpler than the earlier version that had a large hatch over the turret ring, but must have much less room for stowage. This was a dead easy conversion, which is no doubt only vaguely accurate, but I'm pretty happy with it.


  1. Your Munitionsschlepper is inspired! What good chaps they are at War and Peace to send that to you Don't worry, I'm sure they were less than a standard vehicle in any case and subject to significant local modification in the field.
    The 251/16 is pretty cool too - gotta get me one of those PSC conversion kits in due course.

    Looking forward to the write up of the big game Herr Kommandant!

  2. When I heard that they were doing a conversion kit I was pretty happy thinking that they would do engineer halftrack bridging units, the stuka zu fuss rocket sponsons etc, alas that was not to be but still keen to pick it up for the flametrowers. Which by the way, are very good as you have done them. Do like the munitions carrier much cooler than an Ople Blitz again and again.

  3. BTW - Have you made the recover Panzer I got you yet?
    I vote that one for your next 'funny'!

    1. I've started it a couple of times but need better photos. I can't figure out where the crane jib thing is meant to go.


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