Wednesday, September 24, 2014

6mm ECW Reinforcements

In the midst of my current obsession with all things Battle Group, I've managed to finish three more regiments of Baccus 6mm Parliamentarian foot for my ECW project.

As a result, I now have a pretty respectable Parliamentarian army, so it's time to start thinking about painting up the Royalists.


  1. These look gorgeous.. in my less lucid moments I consider selling everything and settling on 6mm for everything. DBA played on full size bases with 6mm figures looks awesome.

    Kind regards

    1. We all have those moments Robin. I even went that way once upon a time but somehow a decade or two later I'm back to having a range of scales again!

  2. They really do look good, very appealing those little fellers.

  3. Nice Roundhead force you've put together there mate, especially as its been wedged between all those Tommies, Ivans and Jerries.

    Time for some stout Royalists, and then its Covenanter time! I hope you have plan to make a Newcastle Regiment in Buff coats and yellow colours?

  4. Lovely work Dux. I've got a load of ECW in 10mm that I've made progress on in fits and starts and seeing yours makes me want to get back at it. Well done!


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