Saturday, October 4, 2014

Tanktober Film Festival: Girls und Panzer

Tanktober film festival continues with 'Girls und Panzer', a bizarre Japanese anime series set in a world where high school girls compete against each other in tank warfare using WWII tanks. All the tanks are accurately rendered to represent the real things, which is more than can be said for the high school girls. In the scene included here you can see the girls in their Hetzer, M3 Lee, Char B1 bis, Porsche Tiger and StuG IIIs (that's me showing off) battling a rival team who have brought along a Maus. The background music is of course the Panzerlied, that mawkish WWII German song about how it won't be too bad really if we all get killed in our tank. Delight as Japanese high school girls say things like 'our AP shells can't penetrate their frontal armour at this range', and try not to think about the psyche of whoever thought up this nonsense.

What a funny old world we live in.

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