Sunday, October 11, 2015

SAGA-lite with the Valkyrie

Had a great game yesterday with the mini-Valkyrie, playing SAGA-lite. This involves using the first column of activations on the SAGA battleboards and the rules for fatigue, but none of the other abilities.

As is her wont, the M-V played Vikings, this time led by a Valkyrie warlord she had painted. The Vikings had six points, my Welsh four. The Vikings had to break into the Welsh fort, raid the hut inside the fort to recover a magical horn the Welsh had stolen from Odin, then escape with it. To suit her divine status, the Valkyrie had armour of 6, and generated 6 dice in combat. To break down the gate, attackers had to accumulate 8 hits on the gate, hitting on a 6 with no saves.

After taking some losses from Welsh javelins, the Vikings managed to break into the fort, the Valkyrie and her followers leaving a trail of death and destruction behind them. The Vikings escaped with the magic horn, then went back to slaughter most of the Welsh. That's my girl.

SAGA-lite has been a great success in getting my M-V into miniature gaming. Next time we're going to have a game using all the battle board abilities.


  1. What a gal! Cracking first photo, and nice painting on the valkyrie too.

  2. Always great to see our kids enjoying our hobby


  3. That is really cool. Great stuff!

  4. Fi-lo-lo-lo! Fi-lo-lo-lo! Fi-lo-lo-lo!

    Kill the Rabbit! Kill the Rabbit!

  5. Genius. nothing better than pointless slaughter

  6. M-K looks like a fearsome opponent! Great to see another generation being groomed, especially the girls. What a cracking paint job on the Valkyrie too!

  7. I like your "SAGA lite" modification, I may try it with my son. Great looking game!


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