Sunday, December 15, 2013

Your Name Here!

Well, the painting challenge has been underway for nearly three hours, but I'm just about to put some paint on some lead. I'm not as ready as I had planned to be - still lots of prepping to do and I need to pick up some new paint and brushes. I note that Paul is having a bit of a gloat about that on his blog. Nevertheless, I will be starting with some figures to populate my Western town.

It is of course largely making my town that has slowed down my prep for the challenge, but fortunately I've now assembled all the buildings and the basic set is complete. I love the 4-Ground buildings, but I will be happy to take a break from putting any together for a while! Being a masochist I decided to paint my own signs, mainly because I had a definite theme in mind.

Which brings me to a little competition of sorts. Have a look at the first two signs I have completed.

Your challenge: tell me in an email what inspired my choice of business names, and therefore what name should appear on the next sign. There are two possible correct answers to this.

The prize: you get to have your name appear on one of my buildings. Ever wanted to run a shady business in a Wild West town? Now's your chance. I'll even allow those of you who run businesses to use this as a form of advertising if you win, although I reserve the right to work out with you a name that will fit the Wild West context.

If this sounds fun and you can answer my questions, send me an email at alan_dearn(at)

And remember, if a frog had wings it wouldn't bump its ass so much. You know what I'm saying?


  1. That are some excellent houses! Very nice western town!
    Good luck in the challenge!


  2. Nice work, good luck for the challenge ahead

  3. Those look cracking my friend - great job!

    "Ever wanted to run a shady business in a Wild West town?" - I just moved out of Sydney to avoid just that!

    PS A gentleman does not gloat, he just points out the seemingly obvious once again!

  4. Nice looking town - I like the addition of the boardwalks - nice touch.

  5. Very cool.
    You even got a place to hang bad guys.

  6. How about the "Dew Drop Inn" for the name of another saloon.



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