Saturday, December 19, 2015

Assault on the Stronghold of S'Antar

Last Friday night saw an epic struggle through the streets of S'Antar's stronghold as two warbands of Anglo-Danes and one of Scots fought each other and waves of angry elves to pillage the riches of The Man in Red himself.

All-round excellent bloke John Shoemark invited Steve, Dave and I up for a game of SAGA with a festive twist. Essentially, we were playing something like the Feast of Crows scenario from the main SAGA rulebook, but over a table laid out with Christmassy terrain.

The target for our warbands was S'Antar's workshop in the middle of the table, wherein seasonal loot was stashed. However, every time one of our units approached a patch of woods or a building there was a chance that a unit of angry elves would appear to attack, or possibly even S'Antar himself. John controlled the Elves, using (appropriately) the Pagan Rus battleboard for them.

After a great BBQ we got stuck in, with Dave's Anglo-Dane's slowly hacking their way through fanatical elves like Russians in the streets of Berlin. Steve had more luck, making his way rapidly towards the middle of the table while causing my Scots some grief with his Anglo-Danish ability to inflict fatigue. Despite this, I had a lot of luck with my dice rolls early on, and was the first to raid S'Antar's workshop, although angry elves flinging lumps of coal rapidly massacred my Scots as they tried to escape with their loot. From that point on everything rapidly unraveled, with S'Antar emerging blearily from a building to slaughter my Levies, only to fall victim to a flurry of Steve's Dane axes. So if anyone misses out on presents this year, you know who to blame.

Thanks to John for a great night of fun, tinsel and festive slaughter!


  1. Thanks for helping make it a great evening. I feel that next year the similarity to the streets of Berlin may be even stronger. I've heard dire mutterings of "KVII is better than T-34/85" in high pitched voices coming from the bakery.
    I may of course be mistaken as it's a little hard to hear over that gawd awful Kristmas Muzak they play...

  2. To be honest, I'm a little worried about the present thing...

  3. Love a good Christmas game! Looks like fun.

  4. Delightfully demented. I always suspect that Santa was a berserker.


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