Saturday, December 19, 2015


The mini-Duchess turned 9 last week, so I put my nerd skills to work and made her a cake of the crashed Star Destroyer Inflictor from The Force Awakens. As usual, I used a great white chocolate mudcake recipe as the basic cake. It's not only delicious, but dense enough to support being carved into shapes like the Star Destroyer, which was then wrapped in fondant, had panels etched into it, and then given a wash made from diluted black fondant!

If you don't know that the crashed Star Destroyer was called the Inflictor, I recommend you read Lost Stars by Claudia Gray. I haven't read any Star Wars fiction since Splinter of the Mind's Eye about 35 years ago (!), but thoroughly enjoyed Lost Stars. Reading it was a great warm up to seeing The Force Awakens. Which is brilliant, by the way.

May the cake be with you.


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