Saturday, December 17, 2011

Making Spears and Pikes - the Dux Homunculorum Way

There has been a bit of discussion over on the Saga forum about how to avoid metal spears breaking and bending on our beloved miniatures. Swords can become ploughshares, but broom bristles can become spears. Here's how:

1. Buy a patio broom. Endure the strange looks you will get in the hardware shop as you gaze closely at the bristles of different brooms, checking them for scale thickness. I bought this one at a local IGA.

2. Inform all your family members that the broom you bring home is absolutely not to be used for sweeping as it is a valuable hobby resource. Rise above the satirical comments directed your way.

3. 'Harvest' the bristles as you need them.

4. Gently squeeze the end of the bristle flat, using flat pliers or suchlike.

5. Use a hobby knife to cut the flattened end into the desired shape.

That's it. You now have a massive supply of flexible plastic rods that can be easily transformed into spears, pikes, arrows, even swords etc with a little care, and they have cost you next to nothing.


  1. Great tutorial!


  2. Genius!

    I was planning use piano wire to replace the plastic spears on my Warlord Roman Aux's and Dacians but this solution looks to be both a lot cheaper and less painful (I always impale a finger of two on the metal piano wire spears)

    Thanks for the idea


  3. How wonderfully dorktastic! Idea: Stolen.



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