Thursday, December 8, 2011

Montrose Irish Brigade in 1/72 Scale

These are some experimental figures I did up some time ago to see whether it was feasible to make Montrose's Irish in 1/72 scale. The figures are mainly conversions from A Call to Arms Parliamentarian and Royalist infantry, although the well-fed ensign is a Tumbling Dice Covenanter. The Beautiful flag is from the talented chaps at the Project Auldearn blog. I'm pretty happy with how they turned out, and it is tempting to do some more work on the 1/72 ECW project. But then again, those 28mm ECW figures do look nice. Either way (or both!) ECW will hopefully be a big focus for 2012, along with more dark ages stuff and 1/72 Napoleonics for Lasalle.


  1. Great figures, and glad to see 17c be a project for 2012. Can I urge you to stick to 1/72? Far more unusual to find ECW or TYW stuff done in this scale, and thus more inspirational when you do find it.

  2. I'm with Mike, these are cool, it's great to see well painted 1/72 ECW rather than just another set of Warlord's 28mm in slightly different colours

  3. Great looking figures, a bit small though ;)


  4. Get intae them! The Covenanters will win of course. Plastic 28s are certainly very tempting these days. Now if Zvezda had brought out scruffier pike and shot...

  5. Cool
    I was thinking of doing these boys in 28mm


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