Wednesday, July 11, 2012

The Breton Warband starts to take shape

As you may recall, I was lucky enough to win a Breton warband at a SAGA tournament a couple of months back. Thanks again to Hall of Heroes and War and Peace Games for the ace prize!

So far I've finished the warlord and two points worth of hearthguard, adding a standard bearer from Conquest Games to the warlord's base.

I've tried to make the figures look a bit more Breton (rather than Norman) by adding lots of javelins made from broom bristles, and going for more Celtic designs on the shields. All the shields and the banner are hand painted. I haven't painted horses for a little while, so I'm enjoying these chaps.


  1. They look fantastic. Great painting.

  2. Lovely work... especially the shields and banner!!! Looking forward to seeing the rest!

  3. Excellent painting, love the shields and the Madonna flag.

  4. Your Celtic designs are awesome (in the true meaning of the word!).

    Do you draw the design first before painting over it?

    1. Thanks chaps.
      @ Rosbif: No, I just paint freehand on the shields, but I usually plan out the design by drawing it roughly on a bit of paper first so that I understand what I'm trying to do.

  5. Lovely job, liking the spare javelins to hand.

  6. Those shields are fabulous! A great work also for the flag...and the figs!

  7. Shields and banner are drool-worthy - nicely done!


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