Sunday, September 2, 2012

Fifty Shades of Brown: WWII Brits for Bolt Action

I've been inspired by the new Bolt Action rules from Warlord Games and Osprey to paint up the first WWII figures I've done in years, and my first 28mm WWII ever.
I basically went for a very simple approach with these chaps, using minimal highlighting and not even bothering painting their eyes (!!). What you are looking at is a complete box of Warlord Bolt Action WWII Tommies, and I must say I was incredibly impressed with the figures. One box gives enough figures for two 10 man sections (including a Bren gunner and a corporal with a Sten), a two man PIAT team, a two man 2 inch mortar team and a 2nd Lieutenant. The figures fit together beautifully and were a pleasure to paint.
One choice I did have to make painting them was how to paint their webbing. The temptation is to go with sand or canvas coloured webbing, for example as Warlord have done with the painted figures on their website. This looks great, achieving a nice contrast with the khaki uniforms. Unfortunately this is inaccurate for NW Europe in 1944-5, as webbing was always coated with blanco in one of several shades of green or greeny-grey. I've gone for what I hope is a more realistic approach, somewhat at the expense of aesthetics.
As for the Bolt Action rules, I have had a good read through and I think they will probably be huge. The rulebook is beautifully presented and well laid out, clearly explaining the game step by step. Indeed, it may be the clearest set of rules I've ever read. My interest in the game is to find something that will work for the school club, giving a good game in an hour and a half or so and serving to introduce some aspects of the historical period. I think Bolt Action might fit the bill.
Next up: Romano-Brits for Dux Britanniarum!


  1. Nice work mate, received the figure last night and thanks very much!

  2. Very nicely done. I like the ammo carrier in particular.

  3. Those look great. I can't wait to get my copy of Bolt Action in the mail.

  4. Great job and the rules book sounds really good.

  5. Excellent looking troops. Looking forward to finding out more about these rules. They do sound good.

  6. Very nice painting Sir! Love the basing too!!

  7. They look excellent. I'm a bit confounded by the webbing too, paint it right and it looks shite...

  8. Nice work Dux! :)

    By the way, I don't know if you've seen my post - you won my prize draw. Congrats! :)


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