Saturday, September 22, 2012

Inside the Box: Fireforge Teutonic Knights

I had a request from Firemonkeyboy to put up some pics of the sprues from Fireforge's box of Teutonic Knights, so here they are.

First up, you get some basic instructions with some suggested combinations of arms etc, along with a set of bases.

Then, six identical horse sprues, each with four half-bodies of horses with caparisons and three heads, two with caparisons and one bare.

Finally, three identical sprues of knights. There are a good range of different barrel helms, with or without crests, enough lances for everyone, along with various nasty hand weapons.

Overall impression so far is that this is a quality product. The texture of the caparisons, mail and surcoats are top-notch, the horse look vary nicely animated and there is a great variety of poses and choices of weapons possible. Even more exciting is the fact that Fireforge have made all their sets compatible with each other. Calling them Teutonic Knights or Templars is largely a marketing strategy. What these different sets offer is a fantastic range of interchangeable parts to make beautifully detailed 13th century knights, sergeants and (soon) foot soldiers. Personally, I'll be using them to make a Holy Roman Empire force, mainly in order to go mad hand painting all the heraldry.

Buy them all - God Wills It!


  1. Great post - these do look nice, looking forward to the infantry now.

  2. I know that at some point (once I've got my various 15mm armies completed) I'll probably turn my hand to some of these guys. I've seen so many photos of them now and the sculpts look fantastic.

    Looking forward to seeing your work on these.

  3. Fantastic, thanks Dux! I've been intrigued by these for a while, but haven't been able to get a good look at the plastics themselves. The proportions on these look good, closer to 1/72 human slimness than say, GW or Foundry style "chubbiness".

  4. Rather you than me, looking at them sends a shiver down my spin, I'm not sure my little fat fingers could cope with them.


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