Tuesday, November 27, 2012

More Westwind Saxons

It has been a very busy couple of weeks, but I managed to get a bunch of unarmoured Saxons from Westwind finished last night. This means that I have now finished British and Saxon starter forces for Dux Britanniarum, as well as making a reasonable start on a couple of armies for Dux Bellorum. I am particularly keen to try out Dux Brit, so will try twisting some arms to get someone to give me a game.

What next? Well, I have a few random dark ages figures still on the painting table, along with a Bolt Action 6pdr. I should finish these, but I'm also keen to start churning out some 15mm WWII to give Battle Group Kursk a go. And then there is my project in waiting to make a 13th century German army for impetus from Fireforge figures....and the Irish for Saga look great....and I've done nothing all year on the ECW..... I really need to retire and paint full time.

While I think of it, is it just me or is this chap strangely familiar?


  1. Great figs mate. Bill Oddy and Brian Blessed in the same collection - an undefeatable force!!!!

    "will try twisting some arms to get someone to give me a game" - oh oh me me me!!!

  2. Nice work Dux! So where are the other two then? They must be hiding somewhere, perhaps with that giant cat!

  3. Excellent and that Bill Oddie fella gets everywhere!

  4. Great work, your freehand shield work impresses and inspires me. Thanks


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