Saturday, November 10, 2012

Which Airfix Figure Am I? (#5)

Well done Rodger for spotting that figure #4 was the bazooka loader from the British Paras set (Row 4 Figure 1 on Plastic Soldier Review.

What about this one? I never owned this set...


  1. The baxooka loader? Really? wasn't he lying down?

    Ok so I'm not so good at this. My guess on this guy is the WWII Russian officer whose pose also appears in the Bedouin set with rifle and robes instead of pistol.

  2. I´ll go for the running arab as well.

  3. There is a WW2 Jap that is very close to this but I think I will go with Ross on this one. WW2 Russian officer.

  4. Yes, well spotted! This is the Russian officer, waving his pistol in the air.


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