Friday, November 2, 2012

Which Airfix Figure Am I? (#1)

In homage to the 1/72 Airfix figures that most of us over a certain age grew up with, I'm starting a new series of posts that tests your skill in identifying the classic poses. And also tests my ability to contort an artist's figure into the sometimes improbable poses Airfix came up with.

To start with, here is one of my favourite Airfix figures of all time. Which is it?
If you want to play, probably the easiest way to identify the figure is to refer to the relevant page on Plastic Soldier Review. For example, 'WWI British, second row (from the top), third figure (from the left).'

Happy memories!


  1. Grenade chucker, Afrika Korps, 1st row, 2nd from left?

  2. Just checked on PSR, totally agree with Rosbif.

  3. Ahh yes - the 'Achtung Sweinhund' game! Good Man!

    Afrika Korps top row, second figure

  4. Like Fran a little too late, but I knew the answer, the DAK were always my favourite's too.

  5. Afrika Korps grenade....ah, nuts!


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