Wednesday, December 26, 2012

2012 In Review: Resolutions SITREP

I'm away staying with the in-laws at the moment, so not too much will be happening on the hobby front until after the New Year. This makes it a pretty good opportunity to pause and look back at the year that was in Homunculorum Towers.

To start with, here's the SITREP on my resolutions for the year:

1. Play more games. Specifically, make it a priority to get to club every 2-3 weeks.
SITREP: Total failure at getting to the club more often, but I certainly played more games thanks to making some new friends and the school club. Accomplished.

2. Continue to develop the school wargames club. Hell yes - mission accomplished. Despite one of my afternoons now being taken up by helping to run Cadets, the club is going from strength to strength, with some big plans for the year ahead.

3. Expand my Anglo-Danish, Welsh and Viking Saga warbands to 6 points each. Accomplished for the Welsh and Vikings

4. Make another couple of Saga warbands. Yup - Bretons and Scots

5. Build more Viking age terrain. Specifically, scratchbuild a great hall and at least one longship (probably the Revell one).Well, I made the Viking ship...

6. Make a set of terrain boards. Done! Haven't used them yet though.

7. Re-base my 1/72 ECW figures for Baroque To be honest, I just haven't been able to face the rebasing.

8. Paint more 1/72 ECW, particularly for Montrose's army.Not really - I painted 20 Scots lancers back at the start of the year.

9. Paint some 28mm figures for Pulp adventures, using the Song of Blades and Heroes series of games.A bit.

10. Paint some more 1/1200 Langton ships for Kiss Me Hardy.FAIL
11. Start painting some of the 28mm ECW figures I own.FAIL
12. Find a Napoleonic grand tactical set of rules that will inspire me to get back into 1/72 Napoleonics. Perhaps Lasalle?FAIL. Napoleonics haven't featured at all this year.

13. Continue building up some 1/72 Impetus armies for the Italian Wars.FAIL!

14. Paint a 15mm Antrim Scots force for Irregular Wars.FAIL - but mainly because Harry Hotspur upped and moved to Ireland.

14. Blog more often! Big success!

...and no doubt other things that catch my eye during the year! . Great success on this one!

Naturally of course I haven't come close to living up to all my hobby resolutions, but have generally had much more success than I usually do with non-hobby ones (like drinking less, exercising more etc). I rate 2012 as being one of my best hobby years ever, and in my next wrap up of the year post I'll give my top 10 highlights of the year. Now I'm off to stuff some zucchini flowers.


  1. Sounds like a great Hobby year all round really. I gave up resolutions a few years ago, instead adopting a 'objective based' approach that every year I would:
    a. Have fun with the Hobby
    b. Try something new
    c. Try not to spend too much.

    Inevitably I get 2 out of 3, which Meatloaf says 'aint bad!'

    PS Stuffed zucchini flowers are awesome!

    1. Excellent approach! I do so like making lists though.

  2. I think on the whole you did well. Such a list will never be completed but you seem to have got most important done.


  3. Is not Paul so right! As well as Meatloaf. Have a great NewYear .


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