Sunday, December 23, 2012

Mission Accomplished!

I set myself the task of clearing my painting tray before Christmas, and 'tis done.

First up, I've had these markers sitting around half finished for over a year - they are for use in Basic Impetus (to show the current VBU of a unit) and for showing Fatigue in SAGA.

I've also had a few figures waiting to complete my British Bolt Action force. Firstly, a 6pdr from Warlord Games...

...and a Sergeant, Lieutenant and stretcher bearer. The Officer came with a peaked cap, but in the interests of not giving every Jerry sniper in Normandy an inviting target I replaced it with a helmeted head from the Warlord set of plastic Tommies. I had run out of decals for the shoulder insignia of all these figures, so the divisional patch for the Tyne and Tees is painted on.

Look at this! Empty, virginal... just waiting for more figures to be assembled and undercoated. And I have two projects in particular in mind. One is Project Kursk, and the other something new...

Note the bloke on the left in awe at the empty tray.

Merry Christmas to you all. It has been a great hobby year, made even greater by all your feedback and encouragement, and by seeing all the inspiring games and models being played and made around the globe. This is my 201st post, which seems a fitting milestone of sorts. Hooray for the hobby, stay safe and enjoy the week coming up with those you love.


  1. Good work, Dux! It's satisfying when you can reach your hobby targets.

    Congrats on your blogging milestone, too.

    Merry Xmas to you and yours.

  2. Well done on reaching your target...I´m aiming to clear mine before next christmas :-D
    Happy X-mas

  3. Awesome work man - I am furiously trying to achieve the same goal by New Years. We'll see!

    Merry Christmas mate

  4. Ooh, I like that 6-pounder. Merry Christmas Dux!

  5. Well done on clearing your painting tray. They all look great! Merry Christmas Dux.


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