Sunday, May 26, 2013

Project Kursk Part 13: Soviet Recce and Heavy Tanks

Quite a productive week on the Russian front, thanks to the massive simplicity of Zvezda's little boxes of 15mm vehicles. I ordered 5 KV1s and a couple of BA10 armoured cars, and was able to whack them together over a few evenings.

The vehicles were simply sprayed with Tamiya Olive Drab 2, then after tracks etc were painted I covered them with a brown varnish wash. After spraying with Army Painter flat varnish I did a bit of drybrushing, using Vallejo Russian Green toned down with some white, then dry brushed on some dirt. Easy!

Not speaking Russian, I found the slogans for the KVs over on the Armorama forum.

I'm really enjoying painting these. I know they could be a lot more detailed and better painted, but for me at the moment they hit just the right balance between looking pretty good and being fast and easy to mass produce. Which I suppose sort of reflects the actual Soviet tank production strategy.


  1. We are embarked pon a similar journey.. me with 20mm and the Spearhead rules, you with 15mm. Looking great!!

    Here's my journey so far

    Kind regards

  2. Your vehicles have nice "used" look, they are fine!

  3. Zvezdas Ba-10 headlight are very hard to attach. I broke mine when I assembled this model

    1. Yours look fantastic! Yep, I broke mine as well, but managed to save them.


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