Thursday, April 17, 2014


The last couple of months have been pretty awful, and I've been stressed out of my tiny mind and somewhat despondent. I blame this state of mind entirely for a moment of weakness a couple of weeks back. After a long and busy day I was trawling around the internet and drinking beer. Instead of drunkenly deciding that I was the answer to a Lonely Russian Beauty's prayers, I found myself seduced by some shiny things on the Baccus website. My guilty secret duly arrived yesterday - the awesome Baccus ECW starter set with two armies, Polemos rules, some lovely resin buildings and bases. Yay!

This now makes three scales that I have ECW figures for. Yay me!

So go on - what are your moment of weakness internet purchases (apart from the Lonely Russian Beauties Looking For Love)?


  1. Moment of Weakness? Nay Sir! I say it was a moment of clarity and vision! Of inspiration and determination! And one I look forward to enjoying with you :-) Pity the Russian beauty missed out though;, she really did love you after all...

    It wasn't on the internet but this is probably one of my worst gaming purchase moments in recent years:

    1. Clarity of a sort rarely envisioned sir. I missed the chance on Space Hulk and at $250-$400 each now I am unlikely to see naught but mud.

  2. Your sins will always find you out. Russian Beauty vs New Gaming Concept. Put it to a blog vote (although I think I know the answer!!) Take care of yourself.

  3. Reaper Kickstarter, lots of shiny bendy plastic minis that now sit atop the lead/tin/plastic mountain. But, I hear you cry, surely you did not succumb again with round two of said bendy plastic shiny nice new toy ......things...... ummm err well let me just suggest that the second edition has not arrived yet.

  4. Not a moment of weakness, but of inspiration. Whilst it may have been a secret one, it was hardly one to feel guilty about

    I'm looking forward to seeing your ECW armies painted up and for your thoughts on the rules

  5. I have one of these as well, painted up about 8 infantry and three cavalry/Dragoon but stalled due to the need to get more Naps done.

    Guilty purchase, probably the Arena Rex as I did not tell the wife, she found out though :-(


  6. Recently my guilty purchases have been an array or scenic items or terrain building tools! I keep telling myself, I will 'eventually' get round to making 'those'... I blame red wine! ;-)


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