Saturday, October 27, 2012

Some More Romano-Brits

This week I just finished off a few more Roman Brits that were in the painting queue - a couple of warriors, a couple of standard bearers, a priest and the limited edition 'Arthur' figure that came with the pre-order of Dux Britanniarum. The other figures are Gripping Beast, with the exception of the bannerman with the smaller flag, who is from Westwind. The banners are from Little Big Men, the bigger one causing me some problems as for some reason it wouldn't stick to the paper backing properly. I ended up having to glue it down with diluted PVA, which made the whole thing a bit stiff and hard to get folds into.
So what's on the painting tray now...I try to discipline myself to never exceed what can fit on this board when deciding what's in the painting queue. You'll see there are a few random Romano-Brits, some later Saxons from Miniature Design Studios, and 21 early Saxons from Westwind. And a whole lot of empty space...mwahhahhah!


  1. Great looking figures, the flag looks fine to me!

  2. I've painted some of those figures myself, you have done a great job on yours- Nice work Dux :)

  3. Lovely work Dux. I wouldn't worry about folding the flags as back then they often threaded withies of willow into the hems to keep the banners flat.

  4. Great great character in those figs - I like the colours too. I find my Dark Ages figs can be a bit drab at times. Nothing wrong with those banners at all!

    I too try to keep my mounted of WIP lead at a reasonable level too - otherwise its depressing to see a mountain that feels like you wont ever finish it. I find doing figs in 'batches' of unit detachments helps keep me focused. But thats just me of course!

    1. Thanks Paul. Yeah me too - I always paint units or batches. If I ever paint individual figures I feel like I'm going to go mad!

  5. I'm with Ray, the banner looks good. Not every wind has to be a hurricane ;)

  6. It is a very good work, or at least that is what it looks to me


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