Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Project Kursk Part 10: Soviet HQ

This term in the wargames club we are making a big push with Battle Group Kursk. The plan is to learn the game, paint up lots of minis and make some terrain boards, leading up to a big game during the next holidays.

All of this gives me a reason to keep going with my own figures for Kursk as well! The latest is a M3A1 Scout car for my Soviet Headquarters.

The figures are from Plastic Soldier Company, and the vehicle is from Battlefront. This was my first experience of making a Battlefront mini, and it made me appreciate nicely engineered plastic kits even more, what with its wonky wheels and all. Mounting the .50 in the centre of the car at the front is a bit of a guess, based on some photos I've found. I'm not unhappy with the final product, although I'm not sure about the shade of green. Is it too green? Am I justified in calling the car Kermit? Advice on a good green for Soviet vehicles would be appreciated!


  1. Plenty of action and backstory in this. Very well done indeed.

  2. That's a decent green mate. The mg's were mounted on a rail that went all of the way around the inside of the compartment.
    So up front is sweet.
    My mate had one. One cm of armour isn't impressive a 30-06 could punch through at 400 metres.
    I love them though.

    1. Thanks mate - that's really helpful. I've always had a soft spot for these beasts as well.

  3. Terrific. The weathering and dirt/mud on the vehicle is really great.

  4. Kermit looks good to me. I don't mind that green colour. I tried Vallejo Luftwaffe green as a soviet colour. It works for me.

  5. Very nice! I do like the colors, and the mud effect, great work!!

  6. your project is very interesting. I have added your blog to my favorite list. Very creative use of PSC :-)


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