Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Vale Chrissy Amphlett

A great Australian rock icon, Chrissie Amphlett, has sadly lost her battle with breast cancer and MS at the age of only 53.

Growing up in Sydney in the '80s, I seemed to hear her great voice every time I turned on the radio - and there was no mistaking it for anyone else's! She could rock as hard as any bloke, and stood out as a strong, sexy and brutally honest woman in the world of entertainment. Sad news.

Here's some of her work - a great song, with a mandatory pretentious '80s video featuring locations in Sydney and a sadly prescient lyric.


  1. Sad news. For me it was I Touch Myself. For us in the States if it wasn't on MTV it didn't exist. Well not really, but you get the point. And gotta love those 80's music videos. Mini Art school films.

  2. Never knew her or the band until now!

  3. She was well known on this side of the ditch too.


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