Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Resistance is Futile!

I find myself the victim of a global conspiracy.

In a brilliantly executed double envelopment, first Phil Broeders wins my painting giveaway, and I find myself painting 6mm figures for the first time...and enjoying it! I find myself pulling out my copy of Lasalle and thinking how good a game would look with hundreds of tiny little men.

Then, I go and win Ian's competition over on the Blog With No Name. I am now the proud owner of a 25% discount on an order of new 6mm French Napoleonics from Baccus. These haven't quite been released yet, but when they are a sizeable contingent will be marching my way.

My resistance has therefore crumbled and I have run up a teeny weeny little white flag. Another scale! A new project! Hooray! As Harry Pearson wisely points out in 'Achtung Schweinehund', 'you can never have too many of something that you didn't need in the first place.'

Thank you Ian for running a great giveaway, and to Peter Berry at Baccus for the generous prize.


  1. Well done Dux. I'm looking forward to following you ventures in 6mm Napoleonics, I think it's a great scale for the period to achieve that massed battle look.

  2. Lasalle at 6mm would be rather nice to see Dux.

  3. With all of the high quality castings in 6mm it is getting really hard to resist.

  4. Huzzah and Hoorah!
    You need yet another distraction in my absence anyway :-)

    1. By the time you get back I reckon I'll have a French and an Austrian army ready - so practise your outrageous French accent, mon ami!


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