Saturday, November 23, 2013

Meeples and Miniatures Bingo

Back in July last year I sang the praises of the Meeples and Miniatures podcast, and included some ideas for a drinking game to be played while listening.

Captain Man Cave had the idea of revamping this as a bingo game, so we came up with a joint effort for your nerdy enjoyment. This might be a nice little distraction for those of you preparing to chain yourselves to the painting desk for Curt's painting challenge.

1. Best played when painting but play anywhere!
2. Any M&M episode will do.
3. Some phrases or events appear on the Bingo grid more than once, but you can only cross off a box once each time you hear it.
4. Using a brush loaded with paint to cross off the grid allows you to cross off one extra bonus box of your choice on the main grid each game.
5. Claim a Tactical Victory by finishing a complete line in any direction.
6. Full Strategic Victory is won by completing the whole grid.
7. Wildcard! events can replace any other box on the grid.
8. Be careful not to knock over your water jar when leaping up to yell 'BINGO!!'

Please feel free to share it around! Tell us how you get on with different episodes. Are there any where you can't score at least a tactical victory?

Whether you play the game or not, Meeples is a great podcast to listen to while painting, and I would like to thank Neil for the huge amount of work he puts into producing it. Indeed, it is my go-to podcast.

Moving rapidly on....


  1. This could prove useful and dangerous at the same time

  2. It has to be said that this is a great idea!

  3. Great idea - I suspect each play will be pretty quick, maybe you'll get through 20 minutes of the podcast before filling out the whole grid!

  4. I think I may get myself into trouble playing this????

  5. "8. Be careful not to knock over your water jar when leaping up to yell 'BINGO!!'"

    uuuuhm.... that's called the "bingo bonus". It's kinda hard to not knock things over when you're drunk, isn't it? :D


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