Saturday, November 9, 2013

Project Kursk 26: The Volvos of the Wehrmacht

I really like Stugs. They're boxy, but good, like Volvos.

So this week I finished a box of 15mm PSC Stug IIIs. As always, they were a joy to build. Four of them are Stug IIIGs, with the fifth done up as a Sturmhaubitze IIIF.

And guess what I've noticed now that I've photographed them? Yep, I forgot to put the decals on.


  1. These look great Herr Dux!

    Who doesn't love a StuG? Please allow me to refer you to this amusement:

  2. Nice work Alan. They look the biz!

  3. Nice job on the StuGs, they're favourite of mine too. I am busy working on some begliet tank riders escorts for mine...

  4. Well done on the StuGs. Don't think anyone will notice the absence of decals when they're deployed on the table in force.


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