Wednesday, November 27, 2013


I played my first game of Meeples and Miniatures Bingo this evening while preparing a pile of Foundry figures for the upcoming painting challenge (and cutting my fecking thumb).

I was listening to Episode 117, and claimed a Tactical Victory 19:11 into the episode. Since the whole episode was about Ex Illis that gave me an easy Wildcard box, so I was able to claim the entire right hand column with the Wildcard replacing one of the boxes. Neil wasn't actually talking all that much in the episode as he was interviewing. so I reckon I did pretty well. So who can claim a Tactical Victory in any episode in less time?

My thumb seems to have stopped bleeding now, so back to the prepping and seeing if I can score a full Strategic Victory...


  1. Well played, although it would have been more dramatic had you used your thumb to "mark" your squares rather than the conventional pen
    Just saying…

  2. Have you thought about joining the local RSL, they could use a few bingo spped freaks like you, heheheh. Actually having the bingo there may have helped me to get through the podcast, it is the first one I have not listened all the way through. Don't know why just did not tickle my fancy. Hope you get a game in over the weekend Alan, cheers Chris


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