Friday, November 1, 2013

Project Kursk 25: Ahoy to Paul and some Tiger Tanks

It was great this week to catch up with Paul of the Man Cave, following his return from months of derring-do in charge of about a billion dollars worth of hardware and over 200 crew on the high seas. If you have no idea what I'm talking about, visit his excellent blog.

German beer, sausages, wargaming and a good friend. Happy days.

Over sausages and beer we talked for hours, and planned some games for the next few weeks. As Neil Shuck from Meeples and Miniatures would say, 'watch this space'. Paul was generous enough to bring me back a spiffy framed dagger from Jordan, which will have pride of place on the wall of my man cave. I'll post a pic when I put it up. Thanks Paul!

The cumulative effect of German beer: Unit attrition.

Meanwhile, the production lines for Battle Group Kursk continue to produce materiel. Strange as it may seem, I think I have been making models and wargaming for about 35 years, but I have never made a Tiger Tank. Well, I rectified that shameful state of affairs this week with a brace of 15mm early Tigers from Plastic Soldier Company. As always from PSC, these were lovely kits to put together, and should scare the boys at school quite a lot. Heh.

And finally, here's a little squad of Soviert tank riders, also from PSC.

Happy gaming!


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