Sunday, January 8, 2012

And now for something completely different...

In a new and radical departure from my usual historical interests, I'm putting together a bit of a pulp horror type campaign. Partly this is in response to the Duchess and Attila the Teenager playing Zombies with me, and partly a result of enjoying the Song of Blades games so much. Partly it's also just for a bit of fun painting a few different figures. I have some ideas for games involving archaeologists and various nasties in the 1930s using the Fear and Faith rules from Ganesha Games.

I ordered a few packs of Artizan Designs and Copplestone figures from Aetherworks, along with some circular mdf bases. I was very impressed with Aetherworks, by the way. I called them up to see what they had in stock, they got back to me straight away, and even dropped the figures and bases in to me to save the postage, since one of the guys lives close by. I hereby bestow upon them a (completely unsolicited) Ducal Endorsement.

First up, here is a bunch of cultists from Artizan Designs. I added a sword to the leader with the spellbook. The cult symbol may give you a clue as the the supernatural creatures they are associated with...any suggestions? The 2nd SS Panzer Division is the incorrect answer, by the way.

These figures are lovely, and a joy to paint. I particularly love the guy with the flamethrower. After all, why wouldn't a group of lunatics in robes decide to bring along a flamethrower?

But there's always one, isn't there? Deciding his nicotine addiction justifies endless breaks while the rest of the cult is busy with their mystic rites?


  1. I don't know about the symbols but id you'd painted them white I'd have expected the flamethrower to be used for torching crosses.
    They look good anyway. Nice book!

    Its good to take a break from the serious stuff now and then.


  2. I like these a lot. The spell book is a great touch. I have no idea about the symbol but the purple robes have a real Cigars of the Pharaoh feel to me.

  3. Snap! I'm doing exactly the same thing after the Lad enjoyed a pulp adventure recently. Was planning to use Strange Aeons though.

    I'll check out Aetherworks - thanks!!!

  4. Good call, Flags of War. Werewolves it is. Give that man a cigar (of the Pharaohs).

  5. Are you coming to Cancon Dux? We can meet up there if you like

  6. Just found your post again and it inspired me to get my own figs out - should be finished in a few days! I'll post pics then of course, but in the meantime just know I used different colours so we could have a Cultist clash!

  7. Finally got them done!


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