Thursday, January 5, 2012

Making Swamps the Dux Homunculorum Way

The Duchess and I were having a bit of a clean up of the castle to celebrate the new year, and one of the things that ended up in the bin was this board book of 'In the Night Garden'. It is a lift the flap book, but since the kids have ripped all the flaps off the narrative lacked some of its former suspense and wasn't really something we could give away.

Anyway, it suddenly occurred to me that the thick board pages are probably what I have been looking for to make some terrain elements that don't warping.

I cut a rough shape out of one of the thick pages, painting it with two shades of green (lighter around the edges).

Then I put a layer of army painter strong tone over the top. This worked brilliantly. The brown adds a nice swampy foetid ambience to the whole piece, and it is nicely glossy. The border was just added with sand and PVA glue, then the whole thing finished off with some flock and tufts. Zero warping. Happy Dux.

Thanks Iggle Piggle.


  1. Very interesting! The swamp looks great.

  2. yeah mate that looks awesome. Im off to raid the wee ones room for old books haha.

  3. I use up 'old' book boards too! Great looking swamp.

    I used some 3mm MDF and a few bought in bits to make my swamp bits (

    -- Allan

  4. Great idea. It came out looking nice.

  5. Really nicely done. Great work, and good recycling!


  6. ...did Igglepiggle find his(?) blanket in the end?!

    Great looking piece!


    @ Matt - I'm glad to report that Iggle Piggle did find his blanket. From memory, it was near Maccapacca's Og Pog.

  8. Phew..I was worried!


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