Friday, January 6, 2012

Welsh Saga Warband - the Big Boyos

Here are my first completed figures for 2012 - a unit of four hearthguard and the warlord for my Welsh warband. The warlord is himself with the cross on the white shield. I quite like how these turned out, although the fearsome boar on one shield looks a bit cute.


  1. Great painting, love the shields!!

  2. Wonderful detail mate - fantastic!

    I will be commuting to Sydney during the week from early Feb onwards - looking forward to trying out SAGA with you at some stage!

  3. Does their leader wear a "Goldy Looking Chain"?

  4. Nice work, what are you using for your bases? Coins?

  5. Thanks mate. Not coins - these are Renedra plastic bases, but they look thicker because they have magnetic strip stuck to the bottom. I usually use 25mm mdf bases from Aetherworks.

  6. I often drop in to admire your Saga figures and refer to them for painting (just starting some Vikings to give Valhalla skirmish rules a go). Would you mind telling me what you use to dress the bases? I really like the little leafy bits in with the grass.
    many thanks


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