Tuesday, January 10, 2012

A Very Private Army

Here's the next little group of figures for 1930s Pulp Adventures. Great War deserters turned mercenaries perhaps? Monster hunters? Clearly they all have a story to tell, and why do some wear items of German uniform?

All the figures are from Artizan Designs. Most of them are from the two 'A Very Private Army' packs they do, although 'The Rev' is from one of their 'Department of Paranormal Affairs' sets. Check out Aetherworks for the full range. These are lovely figures, and heaps of fun to paint. Next up are the archaeologists.


  1. Fantastic! Pulp "Wild Geese" meet the WW1 version of the A-Team :-) But where do their true loyalties lie.....

  2. These look great mate. I really need to get some of these guys from my VBCW army.


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