Friday, January 4, 2013

Project Kursk Part 6: Basic German Force Complete

Today I finished a third squad of Panzergrenadiers, along with a HQ group and a medic, completing my first platoon of armoured infantry for Battle Group Kursk. As a result of buying a better lamp from Ikea, I realised that the medic figure is modelled wearing the redcross surcoat that German medics were issued with. I would be surprised if these were worn much on the Eastern Front, but for game purposes I gave my chap the red and white surcoat.

First figures for 2013!

With the Hanomags and Panzer IVs I've already painted, I now have a starter force of Germans for BGK, so Soviets are next.

The platoon of Panzergrenadiers deploy from their transports.


  1. Looking good. Amazing the difference more light can supply you


  2. I like the irregularly shaped bases for the squads. Nice work will around on the figures too!

  3. Great work - very effective ;)

  4. Nice work mate! I think you've done a great job there and your irregular basing plan looks very good.

    Now for the Ivans!

  5. Looking very very nice, unusual and great basing!

  6. Nice, great and unusual manner of basing but I like it!

  7. Very very nice Dux! I do like the basing.


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