Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Custom Movement Trays

Over the past year I've been basing most of my dark ages figures individually, for use in SAGA. Ideally however I would also like to use the same figures in games like Impetus and Dux Bellorum. I love the look of large bases looking like mini-dioramas, and I'm usually frustrated with the solution of using movement trays to group individually based figures. They never look realistically packed in close enough to each other, and usually stand in neat rows worthy of the Welsh Guards.

I got in touch with the good folks at Warbases and explained my dilemma. They were incredibly helpful and quick to respond, and here is the result.

I call these the 'Dux Homunculorum shieldwall bases'. Each base has a frontage of 12cm and depth of 5cm, so ideal for Impetus and Dux Bellorum. The individual 2cm holes for inserting bases are as closely packed as Warbases could get them, and they came up with several variations of slightly uneven rows and spacing at my request.

What do you think? They are still a compromise, with the figures not packed in closely enough to really resemble a shieldwall, but I reckon this is the best solution for basing individual figures I've ever seen. I'm sure Warbases would love to sell them to anyone who is interested.


  1. Great stuff!
    The warbases-guys are always helpful when it comes to individual wishes.

  2. That's a clever solution and the best compromise I've seen.

    Curious if, rather than individual slots, is it practical to have
    joined/overlapping slots giving you the old cinematic 'binocular' effect (if that makes sense) so the figures are as close as possible? To use an old engineering term, there is little or no 'strength of the hole' as they are so close together anyway.

    Or even just have slots running the length of the base? I suppose that depends if you want scenic bases or not and don't mind seeing the underlying base.


    1. Hi Matt. Yes, I asked them about making 'binocular' slots, but they felt the end result would be too fragile.

  3. They look great mate!
    Top Job :-)

  4. Warbases does do a very nice job and like you I am not great on movement trays, but I have to admit that I really enjoy painting skirmish figures. I am though quite tired of having to have different games. My friends are looking at ancients now and they want to base for Impetus and War and Conquest, this sure is a solution. I like the irregular nature of the slots.


  5. Looks nice and typical of how I have found Warbases to be. Custome work at really good prices. They deserve the success they have


  6. I think these are excellent, !I don't think you can beat Warbases for their normal or custom products.

  7. Looking good !

    as good as mine movement trays from warbases;)

    My only problem with the 20mm bases are that the minis fall over quite easy, i don´t use 1p coints, arn´t many in Sweden... I solved the problem with nano mangnets in the bases and trays... but the minis still fall when playing skirmish...

    Best regards Michael

  8. Looks Ace! Warbases are great to deal with. I highly recommend them. Did a great job for my Dwarf Kings of War Army.

  9. Hi Dux,
    Do you mind me asking how much you paid plus shipping as this might help my identical dilemma? So far my dark age saga stuff is on 20mm square but it just does not look quite as good as the round basing. Hence I plan on doing a few more on round bases (no rebasing for me I just hate it) but want the DBA WAC impetus hail Caesar ability too. Regards Chris

  10. Hi Chris,

    The trays were GBP 1.20 each, and shipping to Australia came to GBP 5.50.


  11. Hey Dux these are phenomonal! If you do another order let me know and I'll but a crates worth!



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