Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Best Intentions for 2013

I had a great hobby year in 2012. It was a tough year in lots of ways, but the hobby did what a hobby should do, providing 'joy and forgetfulness'.

On to 2013. Here are my current plans and aspirations:

1. Paint up some Soviet and German forces for Battle Group Kursk in 15mm, as part of Project Kursk that I'll be running at the club at school.

2. Paint up 6 points of Irish for SAGA. Play lots of SAGA!

3. Work out a good flexible basing system, using different movement trays, to allow me to use my individually based figures for Impetus, Dux Bellorum etc. I'm going to talk to Warbases about making trays that really cram the figures together more.

4. Paint at least as many figures as I did in 2012.

5. Blog at least as much as 2012.

6. Run some blog prize giveaways.

7. Meet more fellow bloggers! Anyone visiting Sydney who would like to catch up, let me know.

8. Paint a 6 point Anglo-Saxon Warband for SAGA.

9. Paint a small 13th Century Holy Roman Empire army in 28mm.

10. Play a campaign of Dux Britanniarum.

11. Bite the bullet, grit my teeth, and rebase my 1/72 ECW figures. Finish my 1/72 ECW armies.

12. Make some more terrain suitable for the Dark Ages.

That should keep me busy for a while! Wish me luck.


  1. A dozen projects! Long list!!! Good luck with it.

  2. Awesome stuff mate, I'm looking forward to being involved in some of those! Now I'll have to think about what I can realistically get out of 2013 hobby wise.


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