Sunday, April 8, 2012

Dark Ages Figure Comparisons

I've been buying various little groups of 28mm Dark Ages figures for Saga, and thought it might be useful to show a size comparison.

The line behind the figures is 31mm from the ground, as the figures are on 3mm thick bases.



  1. Very useful, thanks!

    I'll point out that the odd Black Tree Design figure will tower over other miniatures though, even other BTD figures from the same pack!

  2. Excellent stuff - very useful thanks!

    My Dark Age figures are currently a mix of Artizan, GB, Crusader and Wargames Foundry. The Foundry figures are 'chunkier' but work well with the other ranges. They are particularly good for the odd 'hero' figure!

  3. I have a wide mix of figs too - I think a little variation is realistic, and none of those look ou of proportion. Thanks - very useful!

  4. really useful size comparision shot,

    -- Allan


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