Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Mermaids 1 - Vikings 0

I recently got hold of an awesome Playmobil Viking Ship off ebay for the five year old mini-Duchess. While I was doing some work I became aware of a hilarious game she was playing - here are the highlights.

In search of plunder, a group of savage Vikings landed on an island. Unfortunately for them they were outsmarted by some mermaids, who stole all their weapons and armour and sailed away on their ship.

This left the marooned Vikings with no option but to play 'Duck, Duck, Goose'.

The mermaids seem to have been a vindictive bunch, and returned to the island tooled up with the stolen weapons... which point they 'killed the Vikings' heads off'.

How proud she makes me!


  1. Maybe they wanted to play 'duck, duck, goose', too, and were miffed they weren't invited?

    Or is this the 5-yr-old Playmobil version of what would have happened if Odysseus hadn't plugged his mens ears up with wax?

    It's enough to warm the hearts of any old wargamer! A chip off the old block, to be sure.

  2. Who enjoyed the game more?? that's what I wanna know???? But I think we all know the answer already??

  3. I'm sure WRG did some rules fofr 'duck, duck, goose,' or did I read it in 'Little Wars'.

  4. Bloody mermaids, I knew they were evil!

  5. You have every right to be proud!! Great "bat rep"!

  6. That's awesome. Very funny.

  7. She's a good kid Dux. Very good indeed.


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