Wednesday, October 17, 2012

I Go for a Walk and am Accosted by Zombies

I had a very odd encounter on Tuesday. My mate Antonius and I had a couple of lessons off, so I wandered over to his desk and suggested we go and get his birthday present. He turned a significant age last week and had a big party, but the Duchess and I hadn't quite organised a present in time. However, as he is a big fan of zombies (although too much of a delicate soul to watch The Walking Dead), I had planned to buy him the boardgame Last Night on Earth, which is rated by knowledgeable people like Neil from Meeples and Miniatures as one of the best zombie games out there.

So we wandered across the park to the friendly local boardgame shop, and he at least feigned plausible delight when I got him the game. On our way back we were chatting away when I couldn't help pointing out that there seemed to be some zombies in our path. Actual zombies, with bleeding wounds etc, including a rather attractive female zombie. But perhaps it's wrong to find zombies attractive. It's such a moral maze.

Anyway, it turned out that some pay TV channel was doing a promo for The Walking Dead season 3 (which looks awesome, by the way) by having a pack of zombies wandering around giving out t-shirts. Antonius and I duly posed - he's the one looking more convincingly unsettled in the photo. I look like I'm wondering if it's ok to find the girl zombie attractive.

What are the odds? We buy a zombie game, walk along talking about zombies, and then some show up.


  1. They're lucky you didn't have your chainsaw with you and no to attractive's how they get you!

  2. Coincidence is fickle, but sometimes it works out. The odds must have been astronomical.

    Good call on 'Last Night on Earth' btw... It's my family's 'go to' game for Christmas and other special gatherings... yeah we're a bit odd.

  3. Its totally OK to find Zombie chicks Hot! Like goth chicks you might not want to marry one, but for something a little different...

  4. Probably inevitable.

    That's one reason I don't buy zombie stuff, it attracts'em!

  5. I feel the pain of your moral anguish mate... that's a tough one.


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